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SECURITY TIPS AND SITESA part of MC Computer Solutions' mission is to provide excellent customer service.  In keeping with this commitment we have compiled the following computer security tips for small business and home computer users.

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  1. Back up, back up, back up!  Make regular backups of critical data.  Every day or every week is a must.  Keep off-site in case of fire or theft.

  2. Use strong password combinations and change often.

  3. Use virus protection software. That means 3 things: having it on your computer in the first place, checking daily for new virus signature updates, and then actually scanning all the files on your computer periodically.

  4. Use a firewall as a gatekeeper between your computer and the Internet. They are essential for those who keep their computers online through high speed connections.

  5. Do not keep computers online when not in use. Either shut them off or physically disconnect them from Internet connection.

  6. Do not open email attachments from strangers, regardless of how enticing the Subject Line or attachment may be. Be suspicious of any unexpected email attachment from someone you do know because it may have been sent without that person's knowledge from an infected machine.

  7. Regularly download security patches and updates from your software vendors.

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Click here for information about the most current computer virus advisories.

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